4 REASONS to add a KJ SERUM to your skincare routine

Highly effective, skincare serums are key treatments to include in your daily beauty routine. Want to learn more about these types of products? Discover 4 good reasons to add a KJ Serum to your Dermo-Routine!

1. KJ Serums are high-performance treatments concentrated in active ingredients

Two to four drops of KJ Serums are enough for the skin to gain from their multiple beauty benefits. They provide your epidermis with deep hydration while targeting certain skin concerns.

2. KJ Serums have a light and fluid texture that penetrates the skin quickly

Once applied on the skin, KJ Serums are practically invisible! Easy to use, they can be applied on the face, eye contour, neck and décolleté. A great way to save time!

3. KJ Serums are designed for sensitive skin

Like all other KJ skincare, our serums are specifically designed for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Our products are hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

4. KJ Serums are simple, fast and efficient

They can be applied daily before your moisturizer or occasionally, to help target the imbalance that may be caused by stress, fatigue, or seasonal change. Perfect complements to your moisturizer, the KJ Serums are intensive skincare products that effectively target your skin concerns. For example, it is possible to deeply moisturize your skin and to regain your natural glow with our HD Bio-Boost Serum.

To visibly fill expression lines and improve the overall firmness of the face, opt for the 360° Bio-Lift Serum. Finally, for a lifting effect and ultra-correction of deep wrinkles, complete your skincare routine with the Youth Essence Serum.

Create your perfect duo by simply combining your skincare cream with a KJ Serum! This duo will allow you to obtain an ultra-efficient KJ Dermo-Routine.