KJ Beauty Skincare Boost

To perfectly complement your fitness routine

New year, new you! Would you like to preserve the beauty benefits of sport on your skin or simply gift yourself a well-deserved reward for all your physical efforts? Here are some perfect KJ products for even more wellness and visible results!


Refresh your skin thanks to our KJ Youth Elixir! This multi-functional 5 in 1 beauty water provides the skin with a boost of hydration and immediate firmness. Ideal after a long walk or after a yoga session! Carry the KJ Youth Elixir everywhere you go and mist liberally!


Complete your KJ Body Dermo-Routine with our 5 in 1 Collagen Body Cream. This intensive care has multiples benefits: visible lifting, crepey skin correction, anti-aging, new skin effect and 24H hydration. With its non sticky texture, it penetrates rapidly into the skin allowing you to dress as quickly. A daily youth elixir for the entire body.


Apply the 5 In 1 Body Sculpting Serum to obtain an ultra-firmed skin, integral cellulite correction, intense slimming effect, ultra-smoothing and anti-aging results. Perfect after your workout as an intensive beauty or daily maintenance treatment!


Relax in a soothing bath after a good workout! The Youth Essence Sea Bath is a favourite spa treatment for the modern active woman. Thanks to its lavender essential oil, it has remarkable soothing properties in addition to smelling divine! Relaxing, purifying and regenerating, it is a must for a total well-being of body and mind!