Say goodbye to dull and wrinkled skin in the morning!

The Gold Youth Concentrate is a night repairing care. Concentrated in gold peptides, it is perfect for a prodigious anti-wrinkle effect.Night after night, the skin looks dramatically firmer and smoother with a visible youthful glow. Unique, this skincare treatment releases its complete efficacy at moments throughout the day when the skin is at its most receptive, especially at night while you are sleeping. Getting your “beauty sleep” has never been so easy!
Added bonus: :its extra-light texture is suitable for all skin types and skincare routines.


It is a luxurious clinically proven extract that provides a remarkable anti-wrinkle effect and an amazing youthful and glowing appearance.

Gold Leaf Mask …

Treat yourself to a “Gold Leaf Mask” effect treatment in the comfort of your own home by applying the Gold Youth Concentrate under the Dermo-Lift Corrective Facial Patch. You’ll obtain an unparalleled glow in just 15 minutes!

Psst!For an energizing morning routine, cleanse your skin with the 4 in 1 Micellar Water with Collagen. In addition to deeply cleansing your skin, it helps visibly smooth pillow creases!